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Venezuela puts down mutiny by soldiers

Venezuela's government says it has put down a mutiny by a National Guard unit in a poor neighbourhood a few kilometres from Venezuela's presidential palace.


Taliban attack on Afghan base kills 100

A Taliban attack in central Afghanistan has killed scores of security personnel, with some estimates putting the death toll at more than 100, amid government silence about one of the most deadly insurgent attacks in months.


PM May refuses to rule out no-deal Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May has sought to break the parliamentary deadlock over Brexit by proposing to seek further concessions from the European Union on a plan to prevent customs checks on the Irish border.


UK signs post-Brexit deal with New Zealand

New Zealand has joined Australia in signing up to a deal with Britain aimed at softening the impact of Brexit on trade.


Trump in 2-minute visit to honour Dr King

US President Donald Trump has paid a brief visit to the Martin Luther King Jr memorial in Washington on the holiday honouring the civil rights leader.


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