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Titans to go on the job in NRL pre-season


Gold Coast players will ditch the football and pick up the tools this week as the Titans take a different approach to their NRL pre-season program.

Every player in the Titans squad will be assigned a job to undertake in the next four days in what coach Garth Brennan hopes will be a learning experience for his players.

In all 31 players will work eight hour shifts across a variety of businesses before then attending training sessions on three nights of the week.

Players will placed at workplaces such as car washes, electrical and plumbing jobs and brick laying.

"A lot of our players come through the grades and straight into full-time training," Brennan said.

"I want them to experience what it's like for our corporates, members and fans.

"What it's like to have a full day of work and then go to training, or the gym."

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