Drama Queen Cat Fakes Injury to Get Into Home

April 28, 2022 10:36 am in by

drama queen cat injury

A clever orange tabby has gained the attention of the internet with her Oscar winning performance, faking an injury to be allowed indoors.

In the video shared by Reddit user @almond0373 to the /cats thread, the cat named Susan is seen waiting patiently on a deck at a glass sliding door. With her paw held up, the owner is heard asking, “Something wrong with your paw Susan?” and Susan starts limping closer towards the door.

The owner is heard laughing and as they open the door for the cat to enter, she limps in. “It’s a miracle”, the owner exclaims as Susan walks in completely healed and sits in the kitchen unfazed. “Drama queen,” her owner says.

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The 37 second clip has over 62K upvotes and over 800 comments (at the time of writing), with many cat owners relating to the sympathy seeking act. One user wrote:

“Something wrong with your paw Susan? Susan knows how to play that sympathy card.”

Others commended Susan’s acting skills, commenting, “And the Oscar goes to……” in which another person punnily responded:

“That Susan, she’s a real pawformer!”

Fellow cat owners went on to share their experiences with their attention seeking pets, one sharing that they took their cat to the emergency vet. They said:

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“My cat did this once after the first time we left her home alone. Took her to the emergency vet at 1:30 am, paid a couple hundred dollars. Next day suddenly she was perfectly fine, couldn’t believe it lol”

Another cat owner shared that her cat called Stinky puts on an Oscar worthy performance in the kitchen explaining:

My cat, Stinky, will stand in the kitchen like this, and wait until I call her over. Then she’ll waddle her way to me while I’m eating, I’ll give her a little crumb, and all of a sudden she turns into Usain Bolt to grab the food up.

Sharing that their orange tabby has learnt to be sick for sympathy, another user shared:

I’ve actually got a smart orange tabby! Like so smart sometimes it’s creepy. He knows more words than the dog and is really intuitive. My husband calls him my familiar because it honestly seems like sometimes he can read my mind. Which sucks because you CANNOT trick that bastard. He can just tell when you’re trying to do something he’s not going to like and reacts accordingly.

He also pulls this fake sick/injury crap all the time. When he was younger he got a really bad respiratory infection and his little meow was super hoarse and sad. We got him these soft treats and just fed him some every time he meowed because we felt so bad for him.

It’s been like 8 years and he STILL does that hoarse sick sounding meow every time he begs for a treat. He sounds like he’s on death’s door when he’s begging.

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So it looks like Susan isn’t the only drama queen pet around!

Have you caught your pets acting to get sympathy?

Image Credit: (@almond0373 / Reddit)


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