Drew in the Rain is The Video We All Need Right Now

July 19, 2022 6:16 pm in by

Is Drew Barrymore the happiest person on earth? 

Fans are reacting to a video the movie star turned talk show host shared on her social media and we can see why.

After being caught drenched in the rain with water spots on her glasses she shakes her head and smiles.  

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“Whenever you can go out into the rain, do not miss the opportunity” she screams with excitement.



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Fans and celebrity friends took used their own social accounts to promote how positive Drew was while lapping up the wet weather.

Erin Miller wrote “PROTECT THIS WOMAN”, while Avery admitted, “I wanna live like Drew”. Cheech & Chong shouted “RETWEET” and Aurora stated “Your inner child must be so grateful for you right now”.

The video at the time of writing has had 2.4 million views and over 25 thousand comments of pure love and joy.

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We all love you Drew!




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