What Do You See…a Dog or a Creepy Clown?

March 25, 2022 4:00 am in by

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There is a very strange photo floating around the world wide web today that has caused quite a stir among Reddit users.

The photo has gone viral on different social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Instagram.

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And I know what you are thinking, show us the picture so you can see what the fuss is all about…so here goes.

Check out the pic below! What do you see?


Here’s a side by side with some crude outlines to show you the difference in case you only see a clown or you only see the dog.

20220325 creepy clown or dog comparison


Users took to the thread’s comments to battle out what they could see…and the answers were so varied. Some people only could see an old labrador, while others were 110% certain they could see a creepy clown. 

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Hint: Confused as to how you could possibly see a clown in this sweet pooch’s face.
Cover up the photo from above his nose, now what do you see?


For those that want a little more info, the dog’s name was Millie and she was about 11 years old when the photo was taken.

Her human parent was John Falconer and she was a Black Lab cross Ridgeback/Mastiff from the UK.

She was loved her whole life and will always be remembered by the Falconer family.

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Sadly, due to health issues, she was put to sleep in 2016 due to health issues living to a good 14 years.

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Image Credit Reddit Thread ‘Do you see a dog or a clown?’


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