Would You Trade Steak for Snake? Expert Believes We Should Start Farming Pythons To Eat

March 18, 2024 12:29 pm in by

Would you swap out your steak for snake on your dinner plate? In a world where sustainable food sources are becoming increasingly vital, one unlikely candidate has slithered into the spotlight: python meat.

Research suggests that these reptiles could offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional livestock, such as chickens and cows. Probably because they don’t fart as much as cows…

The cold-blooded nature of pythons means they require significantly less energy and consume far less food than warm-blooded animals. A study of python farms in Vietnam and Thailand revealed that they are eight times more efficient at converting feed to meat and produce fewer greenhouse gases. Furthermore, python meat is said to taste just like chicken and is high in protein, with low saturated fats – making it one of the best sustainable superfoods available.

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Australian scientist is recommending that python meat is a more sustainable protein meat option than chicken or beef.

Dr. Daniel Natusch from Sydney’s Macquarie University, who has first-hand experience of tasting snake meat, emphasised the potential of reptile farming for sustainable practices. He highlighted that while it might not be for everyone, incorporating pythons into the agricultural mix could be beneficial for regions facing food security challenges.

Although the idea of python steak may not initially appeal to everyone, the researchers believe that commercial python farming could take off in areas where consuming snakes is not taboo. As the world grapples with environmental and population pressures, thinking outside the box when it comes to food sources may prove essential for future-proofing ourselves.

If you’re not yet ready to try snake meat, explore some quick and easy recipes from the ‘5 Minute Food Fix’ podcast – available for free on the iHeart Radio app.