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Happy Thursday September 14th, 2017!

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Welcome to Billy Healy’s ‘Wide Bay Today’ ‘Classic Calendars’ for Thursday September 14th, 2017.


On this date in what year of the eighties did the television series ‘The Golden Girls’ debut on US television? In 1947, on this date, Kiwi Actor Sam Neil was born where?  On this date in 2009 US actor, singer, and dancer - Patrick Swayze died. He was what age? He had pancreatic cancer. On this date in 1983 English singer Amy Winehouse was born in London. She died aged 27 in what year?


On this date in what year of the 60’s did ‘F-Troop’ commence on US television?  In 1999, on this date, swimmer Suzie Maroney became the first person to swim from Jamaica to where?  In 1978, on this date, ‘Mork & Mindy’ starring Robin Williams and who, premiered on US television? In 1972, on today’s date, ‘The Waltons’ debuted on US television. Barry Cowsill, a member of what group, was born in Newport, Rhode Island on this date in what year?  He died aged 50 in 2005.


On this date in what year did ‘Qantas’ and ‘Australian Airlines’, renamed in 1986, and formally ‘TAA’ – ‘Trans Australian Airlines’ merge. In 1967 ‘Ironside’, starring what actor of the big screen at the time, debut on US television? On this date in 1968 Roy Orbison was on tour where when two of his three sons died in a house fire. The youngest Wesley was saved by Roy’s parents. Roy Jnr and Tony both perished.