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Happy Wednesday December 06th, 2017.

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Welcome to Billy Healy’s ‘Wide Bay Today’ ‘Classic Calendars’ for Wednesday December 06th, 2017.

On this date in 1982 ‘The Australian Women’s Weekly’ became what? In 1956, on this date Peter Buck, lead singer with what band was born in Oakland California? On this date in 1959, Debbie Rowe former wife of whom, was born in Palmdale California? On this date in 2011 US singer Dobie Gray died. He was what age?


On this date in 1977 the television program ‘The Restless Years’ debuted on our screens. It lasted until what year? In 1979, on this date Tim Cahill, Aussie Football Champion, and player with the Socceroos, was born where? He is our greatest all-time goal scorer. He now plays in the A-League for what team?  Natalie Cole’s Brisbane concert was delayed on this date in 1997 when her Limo driver took her to ‘The Brisbane Entertainment Centre’ instead of what venue?


On this date in 1977 Aussie cricketer, hockey player, and Politician Dr Rick Charlesworth was born where in WA? He is a doctor of what, former Captain of our national hockey team, and a WA state hockey rep player. On this date in 1943 former lead singer with what UK band, Mike Smith was born in England. He died aged 64 in what year?