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Happy Thursday December 7th, 2017.

apple boutique

Welcome to Billy Healy’s ‘Wide Bay Today’ ‘Classic Calendars’ for Thursday December 07th, 2017.

On this date in 1968 Aussie comedian Steady Eddy – Christopher Widdows, was born. He has Cerebral Palsy which is the basis of his stage act. In 1967 ‘The Beatles’ opened ‘The Apple Boutique’ in London. It closed when?  On this date in 1820 Charles Throsby Smith, Joseph Wild, and James Vaughan happened upon the now site of which Australian city?



On this date in 1952 Australian Liberal Politician and former Ambassador to Italy Amanda Vanstone, Amanda O’Brien, was born where in South Australia?  On this date in 1967 US singer Otis Reading recorded ‘Dock of The Bay’. How long after the recording session was he killed in a plane crash?  In 1940, on this date, the final episode of the radio serial ‘Yes What’ was recorded where?  It was the 520th episode.



On this date in what year was The ‘Wii’ home video game console released here in Australia? In 1941, on this date, Japan attacked Pearl Harbour Hawaii. The next day the USA and who else declared war on Japan?  On this date in 1923 US actor Ted Knight was born in Terryville, Connecticut. He played the role of newsreader Ted Baxter in what US television comedy?