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Happy Tuesday February 13th, 2018.


Welcome to Billy Healy’s ‘Wide Bay Today’ ‘Classic Calendars’ for Tuesday February 13th, 2018.

Get the answers after 9 this morning!

On this date in what year was Andrew Peacock, one time leader of the Liberal Party and former member for Kooyong, born in Melbourne? On this date in 1933 US actress Kim Novak was born where?  Kim is 85 today. On this date in what year was UK singer/songwriter Peter Gabriel born in Surrey, England?  He was lead singer for ‘Genesis’ until he left in what year?


On this date in 1952 The ‘Victa Mower Company’ was formed by Mervyn Victor Richardson. The first Victa mower went on sale in 1953. In its first year 100 were sold. By the 4th year how many weresold? On this date in 1961 Frank Sinatra formed his own record company. Its name is? On this date in what year of the 70’s was The Sydney Hilton Hotel bombed?  This act of terrorism killed 2 local council workers and a policeman.

his date in 1974 English singer Robbie Williams was born where? In 2005 he entered the Guinness Book of Records for selling how many tickets for his world tour in just one day? On this date in 2008 Aussie entertainer Smoky Dawson died. He was how old?  On this date in 1942 Peter Tork of The Monkees was born where? He played piano on which one of their hits?  Also on this date in ‘The Monkees’ announced they would be doing what?