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Happy Thursday!

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Billy Healy’s ‘Wide Bay Today’ ‘Classic Calendars’. For Thursday May 17th, 2018.


All the answers after 9am today.


On this date in 2005 Kylie Minogue cancelled her ‘Showgirl’ tour after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. On this date in 1962 Craig Ferguson was born in Scotland. Craig is a television host, comedian, and actor. He hosts ‘The Late Show’ in the USA. On this date in 2012 what US singer died at the age of 63?


On this date in 1890 Brisbane’s Breakfast Creek Hotel opened. On this date in US actor and director Dennis Hopper was born in Kansas. He died aged 74 in 2010. He is best remembered for his role in the movie ‘Easy Rider’ which he c0-wrote, and directed. Peter Fonda co-starred with him. On this date in 1967 ‘The Tremeloes’ topped the charts with what song?



On this date in 2000 Susie O’Neill broke the oldest swimming world record when she won the 200 metres butterfly final at the 2000 Olympics selection trials in 2 minutes and 5 point eight one seconds. Irish singer song writer Enya was born on this date in 1961. She is Ireland’s best-selling solo singer. On this date in 1975 what singer was awarded a ‘Platinum Record Award’ for sales of his album? It is the first LP ever to achieve such an award on its first day of release.