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Happy Friday August 10th, 2018.

gus.jpgBundy cane train.jpgcandid camera.jpg Watch out for Cane Trains!

Good Morning!

Welcome to Billy Healy’s ‘Wide Bay Today’ ‘Classic Calendars & Quizzes’ for Friday August 10th, 2018.


All the quiz answers on ‘Wide Bay Today’ form 9am.


On this date in 1885 BHP – Broken Hill Pty Ltd, was registered as a business here in Australia. On this date in 1948 ‘Candid Camera’ began on US television. It was originally known as ‘Candid Microphone’. On this date in 1961 John Farris was born in Perth, A. he was the drummer with what Aussie Band?



On this date in 1984 Friday night, and Saturday afternoon shopping began in NSW. On this date in 1972 Paul & Linda McCartney were arrest on drugs charges in Sweden. Paul joked at the time that it was good publicity for the ‘Wings’ concert in the country. On this date in 1970 Simon & Garfunkel held the number one spot on the UK album chart with ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ holding out what group?



On this date in 1993, a letter written by Banjo Patterson in 1939 sold for $27,500 at auction. On this date in 1928 former boxer turned actor Gus Mercurio, dad to actor Paul Mercurio, was born in Wisconsin, in the USA. He died aged 82 in 2010. On this date in 1940 US singer Bobby Hatfield was born in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. He died aged 63 in 2003. He was a member of what music outfit?