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Happy Friday September 14th, 2018.


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Wide Bay Today Classic Calendars & Quizzes for Friday September 14th, 2018.


I will have the answers to the quizzes from 9am today on ‘Wide Bay Today’, cheers, Billy.


On this date in 1999 Aussie swimmer Susie Maroney became the first person to swim from Jamaica to Cuba. She did it in one day. On this date in 1968 ‘The Archies’ cartoon series began on US television. On this date in 1954 Barry Cowsill was born in Newport Rhode Island. He died aged 50 in 2005. He was a member of what sixties group?



On this date in 1969 ‘The Sunday Observer’ newspaper was first published in Melbourne. It sold for 12 cents per copy. It went mid-week in 2002. On this date in 1978’Mork & Mindy’, starring Pam Dawber and Robin Williams began on US television. On this date in 1968 Roy Orbison’s sons Roy Junior and Tony both died in a fire that destroyed the family home in Tennessee. On this date in 1983 what UK singer was born in London?



On this date in 1947 actor Sam Neil was born in Northern Ireland. The Kiwi actor lives in New Zealand, on the South Island near Dunedin. On this date in 2009 US actor Patrick Swayze died from pancreatic cancer, he was just 57. On this date in 1955 Little Richard recorded his signature song ‘Tutti Frutti’. On this date in 1995 the bedroom door from a member of ‘The Beatles’ childhood was auctioned. Which ‘Fab Four’ member did it belong to?