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Happy Wednesday August 9th 2017!


Good Morning!
Welcome to Billy Healy’s ‘Wide Bay Today’
‘Classic Calendars’ for Wednesday August 9th 2017.
On this date in 1870 The Town Hall in what Australian city was officially opened? In 1958, on this date, Mrs Kathleen Scott of Dublin Ireland gave birth, which was her what number what child? On this date in 1962 Robert Zimmerman changed his name to Bob Dylan, and in 1958 on this date Cliff Richard made his debut on the music scene by doing what? On this date in what year did Brisbane's Festival Hall host its final concert?
On this date in 1963 Aussie Surfing Legend Barton Lynch was born where in NSW? He was the World Surfing Champion of what year? He retired a decade later with 12 appearances on the World Top Ten, the most of any male surfer. On this date in what year was US singer Whitney Houston born in Newark, New Jersey? She died in 2012.
On this date in 1976 Aussie actor Mark Priestly was born in Perth, WA. He died aged 32 in 2008. Mark starred in what television Drama as Dan Goldman? He took his own life by jumping from a high-rise car park in Sydney after suffering depression for a long period. On this date in what year of the sixties was Scott McKenzie on top of the charts with ‘San Francisco’ ( Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair ) written by John Philips of ‘The Mamas & Pappas’?