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Happy Thursday August 10th, 2017!


Good Morning! Welcome to Billy Healy’s ‘Wide Bay Today’ ‘Classic Calendars’ for Thursday August 10th, 2017.

On this date in what year was The Prince’s Highway, linking Sydney with Melbourne, officially opened? In 1959, on this date, US actress Rosanna Arquette was born in New York City. On this date in 1961, drummer with ‘INXS’, Jon Farris was born where in WA? His brother Tim is lead guitarist with the group, and his brother Andrew plays keyboards and guitar. On this date in 1960 US actor Antonio Banderas was born where?

On this date in 1975 which ABBA song first aired on ABC television’s Countdown? In 1889, on this date, the screw-top bottle top was patented by Dan Rylands where in Northern England. On this date in 1984 New South Wales introduced what type of retail shopping? In 1940, on this date, US singer Bobby Hatfield of ‘The Righteous Brothers’ was born where?

On this date in 1969 Aussie actress Emily Symons was born in Sydney. Emily played the role of Marilyn Fisher in what Aussie soap? She also hosted ‘Video Hits’. On this date in 1928 US singer Jimmy Dean was born in Texas. He died aged 81 in what year?  His biggest hit is “Big Bad John” from what year of the sixties?. On this date in 2002 US actor Nicholas Cage married Lisa Marie Presley. They divorced how long after the marriage? Ian Anderson of ‘Jethro Tull’ was born where in Scotland on this date in 1947?