Competition Dates

Opens Monday 6th February

Test your ears each day when we play 4BU's Secret Sound!

Do you think you know what is it?

Guess the Secret Sound correctly and you’ll win the cash jackpot.

Give Vic on The Big Breakfast or Trev during The Home Run a call to see if you’ve got it!

Clues: Hand, Hygiene, Metal, Tiny, Fresh

Current Guesses:

Pushing medication out of a blister pack

Cracking an egg

Opening a bottle of pills

Drumming fingers on the table

Turning the pages of a book

Balls hitting each other on a pool table

Closing a padlock

Removing a DVD/CD from its cover

Clicking a gas lighter on/off

Inserting a key into a lock and turning it

Briefcase latches unlocking

Using a stapler

Putting the cap on a pen

Popping bubble wrap

Inserting a CD into a CD player

Breaking the seal when opening a bottle

Removing a cassette from a cassette player

Stepping on pebbles

Sealing a zip-lock bag

Cracking a peanut shell

Airing out a storage bag

Vote tabulator machine

Staple/nail gun

Breaking child-proof seal on medicine bottle

Adjusting metal clip on a watch band

Clicking a hand-held tally counter

Rolling dice

Cracking knuckles

Billiard balls falling into pockets on a billiards/pool table

Clicking on a seatbelt

Cracking a macadamia nut

Stamping an official document

Knocking over dominos

Clicking in/unclicking a spiral binder

Doing up a press stud on a jacket

Clicking in the combination on a suitcase lock

Biting into pork crackle


Clapping hands

Injecting a cassette tape

Playing cards

Putting on the hand brake

Dropping rings on a table

Hitting the table with your hand

Sanitizer pump

Clicking a pen

Snapping your fingers

Double-clicking a computer mouse

Dropping keys on a hard surface

Dropping ice cubes in a glass

Clicking drumsticks

Tightening the petrol cap on a car

Removing disposable gloves

Pulling on the paper towel hinge

Unwrapping a chocolate

Squirting body lotion into hand

Breaking seal on hand cream

Clicking the lid back onto hand cream

Plastic hand clapper

Clapping hands on thighs

Slapping on aftershave

Pulling cap off hand sanitiser

Removing rubber gloves

Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

Nail clippers

Opening a drink can

Opening hand sanitiser bottle

Rubbing hands with soap and water

Snapping on disposable gloves

Breaking a block of chocolate

Set of handcuffs

Turning on/off the tap

Removing a wipe from a dispenser

Taking off/replacing lid on aerosol can

Tearing off paper towel

Opening a Tupperware container

Switching on a hand-held steamer

Dropping a hand-held dumbbell

Turning the knob on a washing machine

Hand-held vacuum

Dropping batteries into a hand-held vacuum

Tearing off toilet paper

Nail file scraping dirt from under nails

Pulling out/putting in sink plug

Hand dryer

Set of grabbers to pick up rubbish

Pulling metal ring to open can/bottle top

Dropping lid on water bottle

Pushing button on the toilet

Closing lid on rubbish can

Clicking tongs

Opening/closing manicure set

Dispenser for toilet spray

Opening/closing a metal pill dispenser

Pressing the metal button on a hand dryer

Clipping up hair clip

Clicking on safety pin

Bolt cutter

Pill cutter

Tightening a screw in a lock

Opening/closing water bottle

Closing door on the dryer

Opening foil packet with wipe inside

Clipping blade into razor

Switching on-off an electric toothbrush

Using a knife and fork

Nail scissors

Opening a can of tuna

Clicking on a coffee cup lid

Putting cap back on a pressure-packed can