Child bitten by dingo on K’gari

April 4, 2024 12:36 pm in by

A young girl has been taken to hospital after she was bitten by a dingo at K’Gari (formerly known as Fraser Island).

The girl was bitten on the leg, at Yidney beachfront, yesterday at around 4.30pm.

Initial investigations indicate the nine-year-old girl was wading in shallow water with adult, when a dingo approached and bit her on the leg as she crouched down.

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It’s understood that nearby witnesses created a distraction and provided assistance.

The girl was transported to the Happy Valley ambulance station where she received first aid for minor wounds and arrangements were made to transport her to the mainland for further medical assessment.

QPWS rangers are investigating the incident, speaking to witnesses and confirming the identity of the dingo involved to determine the next steps.

Visitors to K’gari are reminded to Be dingo-safe at all times:

Always stay close (within arm’s reach) of children and young teenagers
Always walk in groups and carry a stick
Never feed dingoes
Camp in fenced areas where possible
Do not run. Running or jogging can trigger a negative dingo interaction
Lock up food stores and iceboxes (even on a boat)
Never store food or food containers in tents, and
Secure all rubbish, fish and bait.

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