Community to take control over youth crime

December 7, 2022 7:09 am in by
📸 Stephen Bennett MP

Bargara residents say they’re being left on edge and intimidated as youth crime and vandalism kicks off in the community.

Teens have damaged public assets, left smashed bottles on the beach and destroyed e-scooters.

Community advocate Dawn McMullin says it’s time to find a solution.

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“There are broken bottles, and all sort of unsanitary items left behind that you certainly wouldn’t want a child to find,” she says.

“We’re seeing more and more youth crime in the area and as a community I believe it’s time to come up with solutions.”

The Member for Burnett is teaming up with community advocates to reclaim Mary Kinross Park and put a stop to vandals.

Stephen Bennett will hold a community sausage sizzle on the 9th of December and says it’s all about open communication and engaging with youth in the community.

“It’s time to get control back,” Mr Bennett says.

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“In the last month there have been 142 unlawful entries, 429 other thefts, and 163 assaults in the Wide Bay Burnett police division.

“In the last 12 months unlawful use of motor vehicles soared by 25%.

“Unfortunately, troubled youths always fall on the responsibility of our police.

“QPS is already stretched to the limit, there needs to be a health and welfare response as well.

“This is something I feel strongly about and will continue to fight to find a solution for all residents.

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“We know Labor is soft on crime so it’s vital we tackle the issue from all angles.

“We need the State Government to strengthen laws and introduce breach of bail as an offence.

“Vandals and troublemakers are taking a terrible toll on local businesses, residents, and charities; we need to fight for them.”