New development underway at Burnett Heads

September 16, 2022 6:09 am in by


The first phase of a $250 million development has started at the Burnett Heads Esplanade.

The Gateway Project includes 318 marina births as well as two buildings that each have 23 apartments.

Retail and hospitality businesses will also be included.

Developer Simon Harvey from BeauGroup says around 500 people have already shown interest in the apartments.

Prices start at $795,000.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest from northern New South Wales, the Byron Bay KingsCliff regions. A lot of interest from people who are wanting to buy on the Sunshine Coast but maybe those areas have become too expensive now,” he says.

Meantime, dredging has started to make way for the marina.

“The end of the dredging campaign actually signals the first marina berths going in and I’m very keen to get the first 80-odd marina berths in,” Mr Harvey says.

“A lot of the reason why we got comfort and confidence was council actually came to the table and ran town sewer and water into the area so that was a really important step to give confidence.”

The first residents are expected to move in during 2024.



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