Move Over Karens: New Study Exposes David and Sarah as the True Kings and Queens of Complaints!

September 7, 2023 11:24 am in by

Move over Karen, because David and Sarah are taking the crown as the biggest complainers in the UK! According to a recent study by Trustpilot, it turns out that people named David have left a staggering 20,020 one-star reviews on their platform since its launch in 2007.

But David isn’t the only one who loves to voice their dissatisfaction. Paul and John take second and third place respectively, followed closely by Mark, James, Steve, Michael, Andrew, Peter, Richard, Sam, Emma, and Alex. These individuals have been leaving their mark with their one-star reviews across various industries.

Interestingly, the study also revealed that women aren’t far behind when it comes to complaining. Sarah, ranking in seventh place, represents the highest-placed female name among the top reviewers. Emma also makes the list, securing the fourteenth spot.

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The findings come as a surprise, as the name Karen had become synonymous with complaining in recent years. However, it seems that David and Sarah are now leading the charge.

So, if you ever come across a review from a David or Sarah, you might want to take it with a grain of salt. These individuals certainly don’t hold back when it comes to expressing their dissatisfaction.

It’s worth noting that this study was conducted by analysing one-star reviews on Trustpilot, providing valuable insights into consumer opinions. Whether you agree with their assessments or not, it’s clear that David and Sarah are making their voices heard in the UK.

  1. David – 20,020
  2. Paul – 19,562
  3. John – 18,632
  4. Chris – 16,642
  5. Mark – 16,495
  6. James – 15,079
  7. Sarah – 13,971
  8. Steve – 11,399
  9. Michael – 10,871
  10. Andrew – 10,851
  11. Peter – 10,302
  12. Richard – 9,881
  13. Sam – 9,870
  14. Emma – 9,838
  15. Alex – 9,761