Netflix Has Just Released The First Look At Squid Game Season 2!

February 5, 2024 11:12 am in by Quentin Alchin-Smith
Image: Netflix Instagram

After its phenomenal release 3 years ago, Netflix is beginning to ramp up the hype train on their record breaking show Squid Game Season 2.

They have given us a first look through a 17 second teaser trailer revealing that the murderous game is back.

Lee Jung-Jae is back as Seong gi-hun the lone survivor of the first season with a brand new pink hairstyle. He can be seen walking through an airport or train station before answering a call from a mystery figure.

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“You’ll regret your decision” the voice states before Seong gi-hun embraces his inner Liam Neeson and responds with “I will find you. No matter what it takes.”

No release date has been announced as of now but it is confirmed to be coming to the streaming service in 2024.

As Netflix’s first show to have 100 million members tune it at premiere, the second season has a bigger budget, a new cast, new games and a now determined lead character, its shaping up to be an amazing second season.