Snap-Happy Gondola Riders Capsize and Take Icy Plunge!

December 7, 2023 2:30 pm in by

In a recent incident that’s grabbed eyeballs across the internet, a group of snap-happy tourists in Venice learned the hard way why gondolas and selfies don’t mix. Their once tranquil boat ride turned into an impromptu swimming lesson after their gondola capsized near St. Mark’s Square, a mishap that was captured on a viral TikTok video with over four million views.

The thrill-seekers, hailing from China, ignored the gondolier’s advice to remain seated while navigating under a low-lying bridge. Their incessant movement in search of the perfect photograph disrupted the boat’s balance, leading to them taking an unexpected dip in the icy Venetian canal.

Frenzied footage showed the flustered fiasco, with the tourists echoing a chorus of “Oh my God”, as they clung to their capsized vessel. They were eventually rescued by our intrepid gondolier, who took the plunge himself to ensure their safety.

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The group was later offered comfort and warmth at the La Fenice theatre, a gesture of genuine Venetian hospitality. It’s worth noting that no injuries were reported, only a few bruised egos and waterlogged cameras.

Interestingly, the Venice Gondolier’s Association had previously reduced the capacity on gondolas in 2020, citing overweight passengers as the cause. The incident has certainly reignited discussions around gondola safety, with a reminder for tourists: when in Venice, sit, don’t stand!