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Man arrested in Bundaberg extradited to New South Wales

September 03, 2015
A man arrested in Bundaberg over the weekend has been extradited to New South Wales and is due to appear in a Sydney court today. Andrew Mark Roos, who was on the National Operation Roam list as…

Tourism and Beer a great mix

September 03, 2015
With the release of figures yesterday that the Southern Great Barrier Reef region has continued it's double digit international visitor growth, comes more good news for the region. The Bargara…
Wide bay today
beetle bailey

Thursday! It's Thursday! September 03, 2015. 20 day until Spring!

September 02, 2015
Beetle Bailey. Billy Healy’s ‘Wide Bay Today’ ‘Classic Calendar’ & ‘Music Quiz’ for Thursday September 03, 2015. On this date in 1913 US actor Alan Ladd was born in Hot Springs, in which US state? He…
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Here's the real meaning of the Macarena, but you may not want to dance to it anymore

September 03, 2015
If you were around in the ‘90s you would have heard this song at EVERY social event imaginable. School discos, weddings, parties ... anything! With its signature dance moves, the Macarena was a hit…





Bundy we need your help to find Gazza!

September 03, 2015
Bundy we need your help! Gazza has been stolen !!!!!! This is not a hoax. We are seriously looking for Gazz, and there is a reward of one hundred free games of tenpin bowling for any information for…

Bank fees

September 03, 2015
AS cash goes the way of the dinosaurs and Australia is running headlong towards paying for everything with mobile phones, there’s one question on everyone’s lips. Why are we still paying fees for the…